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Rising Wild, by Kids Obstacle Challenge, is the perfect way to keep your kids active at home! Rising Wild provides a way for kids and families to join an adventure and fitness community without gathering in groups and to have fun and stay fit both indoors or outdoors. They do emphasis on getting outdoors, which is nice for space and healthy for your kids, but on cold winter days you can definitely do these activities indoors as well. Rising Wild is all about  adventure and play, imagination, movement, and fun. This is a perfect option for at home gym class in a super fun and engaging way!

How it works:

Rising wild is a monthly subscription. Here is what you will receive!

  •  A starter “Wild Pack” consisting of fun adventure & fitness cards, 1 story card, 1 wild card, 1 instructions card, and 1 safety reminder card.
  • Monthly Cards consisting of 4 adventure & fitness cards and 1 story card monthly.
  • Seasonal Packages consisting of sponsor product, samples, and offers; and props, supplies, or equipment used to support the programming  (Once per season – 4 times per year)
  • Full access to the Rising Wild mobile app. On the app you will find virtual events, challenges, and games. Each month new events and challenges are unlocked.  Here you can earn your points on the leaderboard giving each subscriber opportunities to win awesome prizes.

For more detailed information and to order please click here to check out their website

About the Cards:

The cards are spilt up by four super cool hero’s! The Rising Wild heroes are an awesome group  of outdoor & adventure enthusiasts who met in the wild. These characters inspire & encourage your kids to be brave, perseverant, & physically active. Here is a bit about each of them:

GRIT is from Venice Beach. He’s strong, endurant, and tough. He’s pumped to get fit with you! On Grit’s cards you will find activities such as running, carrying heavy objects, jumping, burpees, boxing, and so on! Lots of activities to help make you strong!

DAWN is from Hawaii. She loves adventure and outdoor sports. Get ready to surf, kayak, and explore with her! On Dawns cards you will imitate fun outdoor adventures such as surfing, paddling, mountain climbing, trail running, jumping over hot lava and more!

SAGE lived overseas until he moved home to Virginia when he was 12. He loves trekking and yoga and he has excellent survival and navigational skills. Sage will engage your mind as much as your body. His cards include both things like yoga, throwing and aiming, as well as handstands, sit ups, and hollow holds. Sages cards remind me of the workouts I got in gymnastics as a kid!

SUNSHINE is from Iowa. She is kinda silly & loves sports, music, and dancing. You’re gonna have a ton of fun with her! Sunshine’s cards are all about fun! You will dance & imitate silly animals and so much more all while getting a great workout!

You also receive story cards monthly that help your kids get to know the character’s and their stories. Each of the cards come with instructions and ideas to help you make the activity really fun for your kids.  You can do one from each hero a day, or even just one card sometimes!  Every little bit is a healthy dose of creative fun for you and your kiddos!

About the App:

On the app you will find four main sections.

Events: In the events sections you will find different events hosted by Rising Wilds sponsors. These are events that must be done during a certain date range and when you complete them you earn points.

Challenges: The challenges are really fun. They are different combinations of the cards pre put together to make up a great gym class or activity. This is a great way to quickly come up with some fun movement for your kiddos. When you finish each challenge you earn points towards prizes. You show you have completed the challenge by posting a photo or video of your child as they do the challenge. It’s fun to see everyone’s photos and videos! .

Leaderboard: The leaderboard is where you can see the points you have earned and how you rank compared to all the other kids and families using rising wild. Each participant had the chance to win some great prizes from the sponsors by completing events and challenges to add points to your account!

Wild Pack: The wild pack is the cards you have received in the mail, but on screen instead of in hand.  This way if you don’t have your cards on you, you can still play!

Our Experience so far:

My kids are loving everything about Rising Wild so far. They are definitely motivated by the point system which I love, this makes it easy to get them interested in trying a new challenge each day. As long I am mention they will earn points they are in! I love watching them use their creative thinking, and watching them play make believe while doing the challenges. They have each latched on to favorite Hero’s and they loved the first story card, which taught them a bit about how the characters got to know each other. We are looking forward to much more as we dive further in each month! I would highly recommend this as a great option for anyone, and especially people looking for an at home gym option.

I hope you enjoyed learning a but more about this product. It is really clever and wonderful. It would also make a great gift for any kiddos in your life this holiday season. Don’t hesitate to subscribe . =)

Much Love & Happy Playtime!


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