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Slope Ropes – Product Review

This year I decided it was time to introduce our kids to snowboarding. Of course, like typical children, they threw a kink in my plan and decided they would rather ski. So, I was a little unsure how to get started. I have never skied before, and my husband hasn’t since he was very young. We booked a lesson at the local ski hill for the first day and it resulted in a lot of tears, but by the end of the day the kids were starting to get the hang of it a bit. They at least liked it enough that they were eager to try again! I began to research some products that I thought could make the learning process a bit better, and a bit safer. This is when I found Slope Ropes, a simple and GREAT learning too for beginners.

What is it?

Slope Ropes is an easy to use tool to teach your kids to ski. It is nice and simple. Two small bars held together by two ropes. No hooks or harnesses. The product is basically like a leash to keep your kids near you and safe on the slopes while learning proper skiing technique.

Who is it for?

Slope ropes is for people who are learning to ski, designed with children in mind. From the first timer, to kids who are trying more advanced hills for their first times. The design helps teach proper form and allows enough movement for the child to learn correct turning techniques. As much as it is for the kids, it’s also for the parents! An easy way to keep your children near you and in control on the slopes!

How do you use it?

There are two ways to use Slope Ropes. The first way is Tow Mode. This is what my family mostly used, as we were complete beginners and my kids were timid on the hill. In tow mode the child hangs on to one end of the Slope Ropes and you hold onto the other and just pull them along with you. This was a great method when starting get our kids used to their skis and first teaching how to stop themselves. This is also GREAT because is helps you not have to carry your child as much when they get tired on the hill. Being able to pull them from one run to the next saved us a lot of energy.  We also used it when they tried snowboarding. It worked perfectly for both!

Skiing with Slope Ropes
Maevy in Tow Mode!

The second way is Go Mode – In go mode the child has one of the bars from the slope ropes around them on their hips. The other skier holds onto the skier to help keep them in control when skiing down the hill. We unfortunately didn’t get to this much this year as my kids weren’t ready, and we didn’t get out skiing as much as we hoped, BUT it looks SUPER FUN! Head over to the Slope Ropes website to see some great photos and videos. I will also update this blog with my personal experience as soon as we get going in go mode. My daughter keeps talking about how she wants to go skiing again so I hope I can get her to go for it next time!

Slope Ropes
Maevy demonstating how to set up for Go Mode!
Slope Ropes
Mikey demonstrating proper holding/spoting

Favorite thing about the Product?

My favorite thing about the product was that it got my kids excited about skiing. As soon as the package arrived, they wanted to play with it, and they couldn’t wait to get to the ski hill to try it! It also saved us energy and I can see in the future it will put my mid at ease helping keep my kiddos in control on the slopes!

Least favorite thing about the product?

The only trouble I had was having somewhere to store the product while it was not in use. It didn’t fit in my jacket or snow pants pockets comfortably. We almost always  have a backpack with us when we are at the hill, so that solves the problem easily.  It also fit fine in my husband’s coat. Just something to plan for prior to hitting the slopes!

SLope Ropes
Maevy using Slope Ropes in Tow Mode on her board

Where can you purchase it?

Slope Ropes can be purchased on Amazon!




I hope this helped answer any questions you might have about Slope Ropes. Feel free to comment or message me with any other questions. I highly recommend this product! It really is a great way to start a family activity that you can share together for a lifetime!

Much love & Happy Skiing!



Note: I was not paid to write this review 


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