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How to Make Snow Candles

Have you ever heard of a snow candle? I learned how to make them back when I was a girl scout. I was excited this year to share the craft with my children, as I remembered it being an activity I loved! I know spring is right around the corner, but here in the Midwest, we still have enough snow for one last winter craft. One great thing about Snow Candles, is they are both fun and educational! So, lets get started! I hope you enjoy this post about making snow candles, and that it gets you excited to get outside to try it!

Needed Supplies:

  1. Wax – I recommend using wax you already have at your home, so think broken crayons, or old candles. This is a great opportunity to repurpose these items. You can also buy wax on amazon.
  2. Wicks – I recommend these from amazon.
  3. Essential oils (optional) for scents
  4. Tin Cans, again find these around your house – Coffee cans, soda cans, anything you can throw away after use.
  5. Pencils, or sticks
  6. Large pan
snow candle supplies

Pictured: wicks, tin can, and wax to repurpose.

As you can see in the photo above, we choose to use old broken crayons and an old wax hand we made at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for our wax supply.

Step One – Melt the wax

To melt the wax you will need a large pan and your tin cans full of wax. I recommend cast iron but it shouldn’t mater. You fill the pan about two to three inches high with water and then place your cans of wax in the water. Heat over medium heat until wax melts.

Melting wax

Heating up the wax in tin cans from around the house.

Step Two – Add Scent

If your wax is not already scented you can add essential oils to make your candles smell good! I added two different mixtures to my candles. We did some with Eucalyptus/Orange, and the others Lavender /Lemongrass. You can really choose any scent! There are so many essential oils to choose from.

essential oils

Adding Essential Oils for scents

Step Three – Let Wax Cool

You will want to let the wax cool down before you pour it into the snow, so I recommend letting the wax cool while you head outside to set up your pouring station. If the wax is too hot when you pour it, the snow will melt too much and the candles will end up not staying together as well.

melted wax

Allow wax to cool

Step Four – Create Candle Holes

For this we used a golf club, but you can use anything. When I did it in girl scouts we used our fist, and while that works, I recommend a smaller hole. The wax will melt the snow and make it larger than the hole you create.

candle holes

Making the candle holes

Step Five – Place the Wicks

To place the wicks, secure the top to a pencil or stick and then situate them so they sit in the middle of the snow holes.


Setting the wicks

Step Six – Pour the Wax

Once the can is cooled off enough that you can hold it the wax should be ready to pour. Slowly pour the wax into the holes.

Pouring the wax

Step Seven – Wait One Hour

Now you wait! Once an hour has passed you can go check your candles to see how they are doing. If they seem nice and firm, lift the candles out of their snow hole! Be prepared to see a variety of shapes and sizes due to how the wax melts through the snow.

Fresh Candles

Step Eight – Cut the wicks, light the candles and enjoy!

You will likely have some candles that come out crazy shapes! You also hopefully will have some that turn out great!

snow candle

Finished Snow Candle


I hope you enjoyed this post on how to make snow candles! Its a great outdoor winter activity. Talk to your kids about how the snow melts the ice, and how the snow helps make the candle firm. It is a small, and fun lesson in science. Do you have any fun outdoor winter crafts? I would love to hear them! Please share them with me in the comments! Also, with spring on the way check out my post of easy nature crafts to do with your kids!


Much Love & Happy Crafting!


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