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Fawn Crossing Nature Play Area

The Fawn Crossing Nature Play Area is located Whitetail Woods Regional Park in Farmington, Minnesota. This is a beautiful and unique park that turns nature into fun! This park takes the simple parts of nature, such as sticks, stumps, sand, and water and turns them into inviting, creative, self led activities. Children of all ages will enjoy this park. Adults too! My husband and I really enjoyed it. In this blog I will tell you everything you need to know to have a great day at this nature play area.


17100 Station Trail, Farmington, MN 55024


  • Fort building area
  • Sand play area
  • Water pumps and rocky channel – Where you can build dams
  • Balance area with boulders, stumps and logs
  • Wooded hollow with amazing forts
  • Climbing net and net to lay in
  • Tire Swing and Slide
  • Adjacent to the Empire Lake Picnic Shelter

What to do:

  • Build sand sculptures
  • Construct forts with branches, sticks, leaves, vines and bark
  • Climb and balance on boulders, stumps and logs
  • Hike through the magical hollow, hidden nests and surrounding natural area
  • Splash in water and mud puddles
  • Use the water pumps and create rivers, lakes, and dams
  • Watch wildlife and find bugs
  • Climb nets
  • Relax and listen to nature in large net
  • Swing and slide

What to bring:

  • Bottles of water
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Picnic if you wish

Our Experience:

My family had a great time at this park. I was surprised that we were the only ones there during our entire visit. We went in the morning, but it was probably at least 10:00AM, so not super early. My kids immediately were into the water pumps and making rovers, dams and lakes. My husband and I enjoyed this activity too.

We also loved the big net. We spent quite a bit of time just laying around and laughing in the net. My husband went under and was tickling the kids and it was super funny.

The kids also did tons of climbing and playing on all the various, fun pieces of equipment and wooden structures. The natural element of this playground in so lovely.

After playing in the park we took a walk in the woods and had so much fun finding all the amazing forts! They were all very impressive and very cool. It was also a good learning opportunity for the kids. Knowing how to create shelter if you are lost, could save you, so I enjoyed them getting a look at what’s possible with nature! =)

We loved this park, and I know you will too! If you are in the area definitely make a stop! Even better, stay within the park in the amazing treehouse like cabins. Check out my blog HERE to learn all about the camper cabins (pictured below) at Whitetail Woods Regional Park.


Much love & Happy Travels!


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