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50 Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Child

It’s hard to believe the holidays are almost here! It as important as ever that we encourage children to get out in the fresh air. There are so many benefits that children get from spending time in nature. Here are 50 gifts ideas for the already outdoorsy child, or perhaps some inspiration to get outside, for the not so outdoorsy child.

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*I do receive a small commission for sales made through clicking on my links. So, THANK YOU very much if you buy! I only recommend products that I have, or that are on my wish list 😉

General Outdoor Gear

  1. Kids Camelback
    This is one of the top things on our list for our kids. A quality hiking backpack. Its great to start your kids young carrying their own hydration, snacks, and maybe a small first aid kit on hikes. This pack looks perfect for making it easy to get them not to complain about carrying all the things! This type of bag makes staying hydrated fun for kids. I am interested in the Camelback brand but there are a lot of options for a kids hydration pack. 

2. Sleeping Bag
Sleeping bags are both practical and fun gifts. Also, they are good for years! 

3. Outdoor Explorer Kit
My kids both have this kit and it has been a fun one. They especially love the little bug jar. 

4. Hammock
Everyone loves a hammock, whether a kid or an adult. Your kiddo will be excited to have their own! 

5. Kids Tent
I definitely think it is wise to have one tent dedicated to kids play. We use to let our Kids use our small backpacking tent until it got a big rip in it. I now get why a kids tent is such a great idea! I love this tent that incorporates the planets, it can be used indoors or outdoors! 

6. Camping Chair

Camping chairs are great for kids, I recommend buying a reputable brand as our cheaper ones broke quite quickly. This Coleman chair looks great to me. If you have a younger kiddo, toddler or baby I highly recommend this Ciao Camping Highchair. We LOVED this when our kids were younger. 

7. Kids Cot

Our kids each have this cot and its been really practical and they also use them a lot when they play. A great price for a great little bed! They can even be use in hotels, at sleepovers, etc. Really easy to transport. 

8. Rain Coat

Everyone needs a good raincoat but sometimes its just not something we think to buy! 

9. Headlamp

Let me tell you, kids love headlamps! I think that’s about all I need to say 😉

10. Helmet

My kids both have this specific Retrospec helmet (my sons is blue). Its great, comfortable, fits well and they love the bright colors. This helmet has been great for biking, snowboarding, and ice skating. 

Cold Weather Gifts

    1. Snowboard
      Snowboarding is SO MUCH FUN! If your kids are interested in getting started I highly recommend the Burton Riglet board (yellow and blue). With this board you can really just play. You do not need to add bindings as its nice an sticky to stand on, but you can add them if you wish. It also comes with the Riglet Reel which is awesome for pulling kids around! If you are looking for a bit more, I recommend the After School Special from Burton. This is a great beginners board with upright edges to help avoid some big falls, it also comes with bindings which is great. My youngest rides on this board and its amazing!  

2. Base Layer
If you live in a cold weathered state its important to have some nice clothing to keep you warm. Kids are definitely happier when they are not freezing. A good base layer is a must if you expect them to be able to stay out for long hours. There are so many options of base layer, I love the Burton ones, but you can definitely find nice ones at a lower price point as well. 

3. Snowshoes

Snowshoes are a lot of fun and they are a lot of hard work! A great way for kids to burn off some energy! 

4. Cross Country Skis

Cross Country Skiing is another super fun winter activity. you may be able to find these at a thrift store, or used sporting goods store, but this set looks like it would do the trick for a decent price. 

5. Fleece

Another must for kids in cold weathered states. I love the classic Columbia Fleece but any brand will do, just make sure its nice and warm! 

6. Ice Skates

This is the pair of ice skates my daughter currently has. They have worked great for learning so far. I also love that they are adjustable so they can grow with her. 

7. Hockey Stick & Goals

What’s winter without hockey! As a plus this set could definitely be used to play street hockey as well. 

8. Warm Mittens

I truly believe warm mittens are worth the investment for your kids. I remember hating having cold hands as a kid, I still do as an adult. We got these Burton Mittens for our kids last year and I haven’t heard them complain since about having cold hands. I do admit I was nervous they would lose them at school and such, but they do have a nice big label on the inside for your name and phone number and they also have little clips so you can clip them on your jacket. 

9. Sled

Yay for sledding season. Any sled will do! 

10. Warm Boots

Warm boots are like warm mittens, worth the investment to keep the kids happy and not complaining! 😉

Warm Weather Gifts

    1. Rollerblades
      Rollerblading was one of my favorite things as a kid. This light up pair looks really fun, and as a bonus they are adjustable so they can grow with your child. 

2. Slackline

Slacklining is really fun and its really good for your kiddo. They learn balance, coordination, and face fear. Any slackline will do, but I highly recommend one like the one below. You will want the upper safety line for kids. 

3. Scooter

Scooters are a big thing these days. Retrospec makes a variety of options depending on your kids age. 

4. Skateboard or Longboard 

I also love Retrospecs longboards. Skateboards and longboards are another great option for beneficial play! 

5. Crocs

The perfect shoes for running in and outside, in and out of the lake, in and out of the cabin… Really just the perfect shoe for any outdoor kid! 

6. Fishing Pole

A fishing pole or fishing set is a perfect gift! Also, the time you spend together fishing is like giving a gift to yourself! 

7. Fishing Net

A fishing net can result in hours of fun. My kids would love trying to catch minnows with this net! 

8. Strider Bike

If you have a youngster learning to ride a bike a Strider bike is the way to go! There are a lot of brands to choose from. Basically, its just a bike with no peddles. It teaches the kids to really learn the balance of bike riding. They are awesome! 

9. Wetsuit

My kids LOVE these wetsuits, its basically all they swim in anymore. They are really great for water slides and tubing as well. They protect the skin a bit more than a normal suit. Of course, another benefit is sun protection and it keeps them a bit warmer in a cold lake or pool. We have been super happy with this brand. 

10. Kids Paddleboard

Paddle boarding is such a fun activity. Kids boards can be much more affordable than nice adult boards. 

11. Snorkeling Set

Encourage your kids to explore the underwater world with a snorkeling set! 

12. Tree Swing

Tree Swings are relaxing sometimes, and crazy fun sometimes! I love our Hazli Tree Swing that we have at my cabin. The kids will grab a blanket and go lay out in it to relax. It’s great. 

13. One Wheeler

This looks like sooooo much fun! I really want one, so I thought I would add it to the list! ha! 

14. Gardening Kit

A gardening kit is a great way to encourage your kiddo to help you in the garden, if you have one. They also can be really fun in a sandbox or on a beach. 

15. Kids Kayak

My kids love kayaking and I am excited to get them their own in the next few years. This one looks nice and wide so it wouldn’t be too tippy. 

Electronics and Fun Gadgets

    1. Camera
      My daughter is seven and she is already really into photography. She loves having her own camera. She also loves using one of my old cameras. So whatever works! 

2. Kids Garmin

I don’t think my kids are quite to this age yet, but the kids Garmin vivofit jr. looks like a really cool activity tracker for kids. 

3. Binoculars

My son is obsessed with binoculars as many kids are. These look like a great pair! 

4. Walkie Talkies

You can never have too many walkie talkies. We have gone through quite a few in our house. I find it better to get adult walkie talkies or ones more similar to adult walkie talkies if you want them to work well. Most of the really kid friendly ones we have gotten have been a bust. 

5. Telescope

Telescopes are so much fun for kids, and its so great to encourage them to be curious about our universe. My daughter recently got one and it is really cool. She has a new love for all things space related! 

6. Magnifying Glass

Magnifying glasses are fun for everyone! 

7. Compass

It’s great to encourage your child to learn to use a compass young. They are pretty fun too! 

8. Microscope

A microscope is another “fun for everyone” type of gift! 

9. Metal Detector

I kind of want to put this on my Christmas list! I have always thought a metal detector would be fun and I know my kids would love it! 

10. Water Proof Camera

This is on my sons list. It would be a lot of fun, underwater pictures are so awesome! 

Books and Crafts

    1. Sun Paper
      Sun paper is simple and fun, any young nature lover will enjoy this project. 

2. Build a Bird House Kit

Learning to build and helping the birds, another great craft for a young nature lover. 

3. Nature Journal

Encouraging journaling and writing is really great for your childs development. A nature journal is a great way to make it fun! 

4. Mud Kitchen

I really want a mud kitchen. This one would be awesome! Its pretty spendy though, you could also make your own! 

5. Books About Nature

There are so many great books about nature. Here are a few that we love! 

I hope you found some great ideas that will work for the young adventurers in your life. Please share in the comments anything I missed! Thanks for checking out my list and have a fabulous holiday season! =)


Much Love & Happy Adventures,



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