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Grand Marquis Waterpark Hotel & Suites, Wisconsin Dells

This summer we did our first family vacation to Wisconsin Dells. We had so much fun! I asked my daughter a few days ago, if she could go anywhere in the world where would she go? She thought for a moment and began to say “Disn… No Wisconsin Dells!” So, I definitely think the kids enjoyed it as much as we did as parents. We usually choose the adventure, hiking vacations, but lately we feel like all our kids care about is hotel pools! ha! So, this time, we decided to base the vacation all about them, and it worked out so well for all of us! In this blog I am going to tell you all about our accommodations at the Grand Marquis Waterpark Hotel & Suites in Wisconsin Dells.

Why we choose this hotel?

We decided on the Grand Marquis Waterpark Hotel & Suites for a few reason:

  •  Price – This hotel is much more affordable then the big name resorts
  • Pools – The pools and indoor waterpark at this hotel were exactly what we needed for our age children (3 & 6). We looked a lot at the hotels with bigger more impressive waterparks, but for our children this hotel was perfect and not at all overwhelming.
  •  Noah’s Ark Passes
  • Grills available for cooking

Location & Inclusions:

    • The hotel is an excellent central location in the dells area. The physical address is: 840 Wisconsin Dells Parkway South, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, 53965
    • The hotel does not have free breakfast
    • Included in your stay during the summer months you receive day passes to Noah’s Ark Waterpark, which is about a five to ten minute drive from the hotel. You are able to get these passes EVERY DAY of your stay, including your check out day.
    • Within the hotel you have access to two arcades, the indoor children’s water park, and the indoor and outdoor pool
    • Grills are available on the courtyard for guests use
    • There are restaurants and ice cream within walking distance

Our Experience:

We stayed at the Grand Marquis Waterpark Hotel and Suites for three nights in the beginning of August. The hotel was great right from the start. The location was great. Check in was fast and easy and the staff was very friendly. The kids were super excited peering into the windows of the indoor pool and arcade while I handled check-in. Our room was slightly dated but completely fine and clean.  It offered everything you would expect in a standard double queen room. There was a microwave, fridge, wifi, coffee, full tub. Everything we needed!

Easily the best thing about this hotel is the pools. There is really something for everyone. First off, there is the indoor pool. Here you will find two hot tubs, 1 shallow kiddie pool, and a large pool that gets about 5 feet deep. There are three small but very fun waterslides. Our daughter loved these, but she did make us catch her everytime =)

Next up, is the outdoor pool. Where there are chairs to lay out, tables, music, and fun.  It was cold, but since it was sunny it was ok. There are four slides here and a basketball hoop. We didn’t spend a ton of time at the outdoor pool, but it was a great atmosphere.

Where we spent the most time was the indoor waterpark. This was perfect for our kids. Its basically like an indoor splash pad with a few awesome kiddie slides. I even enjoyed the slides! We loved this area and even though we were there during busy season it was always easy to find chairs and tables, and it never seemed packed. In fact, there were a couple times we had the whole place to ourselves! This entire pool was very shallow and you could see the whole pool from the chairs or hot tub, so it was really easy to sit down and enjoy a drink while relaxing and watching the kids play.

We also very much enjoyed that there was a courtyard right outside from the indoor waterpark that has grills and picnic tables for guests to use. Our typical nights back at the hotel were my husband outside with all the other dads, grilling and hanging out while I sat just inside watching the kiddos, relaxing, and enjoying a glass of wine =)

Pro Tip: bring a non breakable wine glass to use at the pool. Drinking is totally fine here (its Wisconsin, lol) but, you cannot have glass on the pool decks.

courtyard hotel


Another thing that was great about the set up of this hotel was that outside both indoor pools was an arcade that had large glass windows to see inside the pool. My son is often ready to get out of the water far before my daughter, so this was nice because he could play in the arcade while she swam, and my husband and I could always have them both in our view.

Overall, we had an excellent stay at the Grand Marquis Waterpark Hotel & Suites. I definitely recommend checking it out if you are looking for a smaller, less overwhelming Wisconsin Dells resort. It really was perfect for young kids, and a place that adults could relax without worry of losing their children 😉 Tune into my blog later this week to hear about everything else we did during our long weekend in the Dells!


Much Love & Happy Travels,


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