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3 Easy Nature Crafts – For Kids

I love arts and crafts. I also love nature. Combining these two loves is super fun. When I was a kid my mom was always teaching us about nature, and incorporating arts and crafts. I loved it. Now, I feel blessed to do this with my own kids. Are you looking for some fun nature crafts to do with your kids or grandkids, or really any kids?! Well, you are in luck; today I am going to go over three, super easy nature projects that kids love!


Pine Cone Bird Feeders

The first project is one from my childhood, and it is super easy. You might already have everything you need at your house. This project takes just minutes to get together.

What you need:

  • Cake Pan
  • Butter Knife or Rubber Spatula
  • Wax paper (not totally necessary but nice)
  • Pine Cones
  • String
  • Peanut Butter
  • Bird Seed

Once you have gathered your materials start by tying string to the pine cones. It is important you do this first because it will be much messier once you add the peanut butter. Then, pour a thin layer of bird seed into your cake pan. Using a butter knife or rubber spatula spread peanut butter onto the pine cones. Then, hand the pine cone to your kid! They will be eagerly waiting to roll it around in the cake pan full of bird seed! The bird seed sticks so quickly that this project was a lot less messy than I expected. Once the pine cone is full of seeds move it to a plate with wax paper on it. Then place the finished products in freezer to help the bird seed stick and set. After an hour hang them on the trees for the birds to enjoy!

*As a bonus give your kid a couple spoons or measuring cups and let them play in the bird seed as a fun sensory activity afterwards! My daughter enjoyed this for longer than the entire actual activity took.

Dandelion Crowns

Another super easy project from my childhood is dandelion crowns. My mom is a total pro at these and I am just starting to get the hang of it. They are easy, but they do take some practice. The best thing, all you need is dandelions!

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Collect a large pile of dandelions
  2. Braid the stems together
  3. Secure the chain into a crown – Do this by tying a knot or even use tape if you have it handy


  • Look for dandelions with long, thin stems
  • Do your best to keep the flowers in line
  • Don’t add another flower until you are running out of stem



Nature Paint Brushes

This is fun and hardly takes any materials. You basically just make paint brushes out of anything you can find in your yard. We gathered a basket of different pine needles, and sticks from our yard and then used a tiny clear hair binder to attached the pines to the sticks. SUPER easy! Next time I would try to make them a bit smaller!

What you need:


I hope you have fun with these three nature activities! What are your favorite nature based arts and crafts? I am always looking for new ideas! Thanks in advance!


Much Love & Happy Travels,


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    I loved making daisy chains in my youth as well. I used to find natural objects much more fun to play with than any of the toys I had. Really like how your crowns turned out.

    May 23, 2017 at 4:12 am
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