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Product Review – Zen Yoga Strap

I was recently contacted by Zen Yoga Strap to see if I wanted to try out their unique three-loop yoga strap. I was immediately excited. Prior to receiving my Zen Yoga Strap I was using a very old, beat up, stretched out strap. I have been very pleased thus far with this product, and wanted to share a little bit about it with you!


First off, why would you need a yoga strap? Simply put a yoga strap assists in yoga poses to help you keep the correct and safe alignment. They are used to add space, and to allow you to ease into poses as a process, rather than diving right in. They are a great warm up tool, as well as a tool to be used throughout any yoga practice. You can also use yoga straps as resistance in pressing into handstands and other advanced yoga elements.


What is unique about the Zen Yoga Strap is the three-loop design. This allows you to have a great grip on the strap without fear of it slipping from your grasp. You can start at the furthest distance and work in to the next loop, and so on. I really like this about the strap. I love that I can really feel when my body has warmed up and is ready to move to the next loop. It is a great way to measure where you are at. I also love that I don’t have a lot of excess strap hanging around getting in my way. Zen Yoga Strap was designed by a yoga practitioner and you truly can tell.


The only limitation I can see from the strap is that because of the three loop design you cannot always get the strap to a super exact distance. The only time I noticed this was when I went to use the strap for an advanced press to handstand. I wished it could have been a half and inch tighter around my arms. Other than that, I was always able to achieve every other pose with the strap I tried.


The strap is very high quality and does not feel like it will stretch out over time as many of my past straps have. It seems very durable to me. Another plus is product is made from 100% cotton so it is machine washable. Zen Yoga Strap can be ordered online, costs $19.95, and is available is seven colors. I was delighted it was offered in my favorite color, orange.  The product came very quickly after it was shipped and I have been enjoying it ever since.


If you are looking for a new yoga strap, consider Zen Yoga Strap . EVEN BETTER join me and some of my friends ,in our upcoming Instagram Yoga Challenge, for a chance to win a strap!

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Much Love & Happy Travels,



Note: I was not paid to write this review


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